Soccer for Haiti's Kids

Soccer for Haiti Kids

who we are and what we do

It's pretty simple. We raise a little cash, then either send soccer gear or the funds to a limited number of highly trusted people working with kids in the poorest areas of Haiti. What's in it for me and Ty? Nothing. What percentage of the money raised goes to the kids? 100%. Yes, we pay all expenses out of pocket, including web presence and postage. We use advertising models willing to accept photos instead of payment. We do our own website maintenance, art design, and photography. We research and approach companies willing to discount their products. We do NOT accept donations, instead recommed folks visit the heavily vetted One World Play Project. Why don't we send funds to established Haiti charities? That's also pretty simple. It is almost always stolen or misused. How many kids have we outfitted? In the last decade, SFHK has purchased 7000 soccer balls, at least 2500 pairs of cleats, and 500 sets of shin guards. We've also purchased countless air pumps, nets, and water bottles.

We welcome email inquiries from Haiti-based youth soccer organizers.

Cole is currently a freelance photographer and writer living in Northeast Pennsylvania. Ty is a high school student.