Hannah the Hypocrite

So, Hannah Moskowitz, shame on me? You went public with your disdain for people who refused to support Hillary because of her disgusting, destructive, and FEC rule violating campaign against Bernie. And that’s not to mention Hillary is the most corrupt person in American politics, who made great personal gain from countries that have slaughtered LGBTQ people. Shame on me?

So I sent you a private message that said “no, shame on you.” And of course you reacted like every villain in your YA books. The popular kid got all her friends to write hateful things to “that guy”. “Get him!” you shouted, because you were the poor little important kid who said something mean and got a response. Really gross, Hannah.

“Oh, I voted for Bernie,” you claimed, just like you have a black friend and a Muslim neighbor you don’t mind.

Hannah, while saying shame on me, you allowed politics as usual instead of demanding change. You fell in line like a sheep and voted for Devil B instead of Devil A. Your prerogative, but when you shoot your mouth off and say shame on me, well, then … Houston we have a problem. It gives me the right to tell you that you should have done something more than fall in line. You should have fought for someone who was going to protect LGBTQ rights, among all the other important issues. Or you should have helped us pull the rug out from under the DNC in order to keep what happened to Bernie from ever happening again. Instead, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile are better off today than before their ‘crimes’. The machine continues on. Yes, it would have been a rough four years, but we’re getting those anyway.

Hannah, you gave us Trump by trying to give us Hillary. You screwed up.

ETA: It took 10 minutes for three of Hannah’s sycophants/friends to attack me with such phrases as “criminal lack of knowledge” and “utter display ignorance”. To which I respond, YOU gave us Trump and an unchanged DNC that will continue to undermine anyone disruptive to the status quo.

ETA2: Hannah sycophant #16 chimed in with, “What an absolute charmer you are. Are you aware that you can’t sue someone for writing a letter? Because that’s what you threatened…” – Amanda Thrasher.

Amanda, who the fuck wrote a letter and who is threatening a lawsuit? WTF are you talking about? Or was your message just another lobbed wad of hatred like the 15 other bullies Hannah engaged to attack me for being a dissenting voice?

ETA3: From Hannah sycophant #17, who chimed in with, “Consider your rep ruined you piece of shit Nazi-loving motherfucker. Your white lover boy asshole was elected because of you not Hannah.”

My response: Thanks for the lesson in how Twitter and the internet works for bullies like you and your friends, Hannah. You wrote something derogatory, I responded, and you gathered the troops for a search and destroy mission. Pretty gross.

ETA4: Hannah sycophant #16 came back to say, “But it’s fine, just keep up…whatever it is you’re doing? And what real difference are you attempting to make, exactly? Reinstatement of interment camps? Yet I’m the one keeping up the hate…” – Amanda Thrasher

My response: “Dear Amanda: Well, I’ve been to seven wars in order to shed light on brutal dictatorships and various human atrocities. I was jailed in two Third World countries, shot at and subsequently stabbed in another.

Over the past 11 years, I’ve run a charity that’s sent 8000 soccer balls and sports gear to Haitian orphans.

Locally, I’ve joined my 16-year-old daughter on a crusade against two School Board members who attempted to get the votes to avoid following the recent Title IX directive. We also worked very hard in a movement that would have changed the way the DNC was run, but failed because of sheep like you.

You can try to bully me. Hannah and her sycophants have made it clear that they are now on a mission to “fuck with” me. My crime was to respond to Hannah writing “shame on you.” Can’t have that, right?”

ETA5: “I did not call you anti-Semitic or racist, but the emails Hannah has received on your behalf definitely are.” – Amanda Thrasher

My response: That is a disgusting lie and a textbook example of how to bully someone. Amanda enraged a mob by claiming I was responsible for people emailing Hannah. Really, really gross.

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