Lady Liberty Tosses a Mexican Mom

Kid comes to America when she’s 14 to escape poverty. In order to work at an amusement park for minimum wage and no benefits, she writes a fake Social Security number on the job application (the number was not and has never been assigned to anyone). Regular payroll taxes are taken out of her checks up until she’s arrested and charged with felony impersonation, for which she is convicted.

For nine years by court order she reports annually to ICE headquarters. She has has no other encounters with police. She gives birth to two children while living in Arizona, where she’s been a resident for 22 years.

Yesterday she was deported to Mexico.

Go ahead and tell me this is the American way. And while doing it, message me your grandparent’s or great-grandparent’s names and social security numbers, and let’s take a close look at the circumstances of their arrival.

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