One year from today!

Concealed from search crews on a remote Pacific atoll, the lone survivor of a crashed jetliner is given an ultimatum to father a white baby as an offering to human traffickers, or be sacrificed to an inimical Volcano God poised for eruption. But injuries have rendered the man unable to produce the goods, forcing him to rally help from unlikely allies: a melancholy deity he suspects is imaginary, and a young beauty sure to be among the next children stolen.

Faith is the sole path to salvation for both the castaway and the inhabitants who distrust him for his skin color. DASH IN THE BLUE PACIFIC is the story of an island people’s struggle for survival, and one man’s opportunity to alter their fate.

A new novel by Cole Alpaugh, coming April 1, 2015, from Coffeetown Press.

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Turtle-Girl is #1

Being free on Amazon for three days has pushed The Turtle-Girl from East Pukapuka to the Amazon #1 Bestseller in ‘Sea Adventures Fiction’.

TG #1 Amazon Bestseller

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ForeWord Reviews 2013 Book of the Year Awards Finalist

BOTYA2013, 3/13/2014 – TRAVERSE CITY, MI – Cole Alpaugh’s third novel, The Spy’s Little Zonbi, has been selected as a finalist for the ForeWord Reviews Magazine 2013 Book of the Year Awards in the general fiction category.

Alpaugh’s latest novel is about a young man recruited as a secret agent, where terminating dictators and jihadists is all in a day’s work. He marries a dark beauty and they have a child, his Little Zonbi, who means everything to him. Now that his priorities have shifted, Chase strives for normalcy. But it isn’t easy for a spy to escape his past.

“We feel tremendously lucky to have signed Cole Alpaugh as an author when he was just getting started,” said Catherine Treadgold, Publisher of Coffeetown Press and Camel Press. “They say ‘Write what you know’ or risk sounding inauthentic, but Cole writes about all sorts of crazy stuff and makes it work. He manages to make a circus bear, a shark god, and a crazy dictator seem like beings we’d like to sit down and have coffee with. His novels have just the right mix of pathos and humor, reality and absurdity. I can’t wait to see what he’ll come up with next.”

“Zonbi was a fun book to pull together,” said Alpaugh, who lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with his wife and daughter. “I’m lucky to have an editor who has believed in my stories and made such a commitment. I tend to stretch the boundaries here and there.”

Alpaugh’s next novel is scheduled for release by Seattle’s Coffeetown Press in April 2015.

ForeWord Reviews is distributed quarterly to 7500 librarians and booksellers and is also available at most Barnes & Noble newsstands and by subscription. Its annual book-of-the-year competition offers 180 awards in 60 different genres, along with $1500 prizes to the best fiction and nonfiction titles. In the next two months, a panel of over 100 librarians and booksellers will determine the winners of these prestigious awards. A celebration of the winners will take place during the American Library Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas on Friday, June 27 at 6 p.m.

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Thirteen months and counting!


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a free bear – for a limited time only

So if you have an eReader or know someone who does, The Bear in a Muddy Tutu is free for the next two days at Amazon. No strings, no sign-ups, just a plain old free download at Amazon.

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A free Zonbi?

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Spy's Little Zonbi by Cole Alpaugh

The Spy’s Little Zonbi

by Cole Alpaugh

Giveaway ends December 11, 2013.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

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A free read?

My wife was a Library Director. My daughter’s early years were spent playing among the stacks. I love libraries. I love searching through and downloading ebooks from the Philadelphia Free Library from my couch.

So to my enthusiastic ski message board friends who want to read any of my books for free, I encourage you to visit your local library. If they don’t have my books, then by all means fill out a patron request form. Please be nice if they don’t have money in the budget – our local library is almost exclusively funded by donations and NOT tax dollars. Please make the request in person and not via the phone or email. Directors are busy people, often doing the work of two or three. Like my wife, they tend to get grouchy when they feel spammed. So take them chocolate. Offer them the remainder of your Starbucks gift card. Smile. Say please, ma’am, may I have another book by Cole.

And most importantly, don’t forget the sun screen at graduation.

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11-1 in History


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